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(PRI 2750-6 = (Co-op 17 (PRI 1689-100) x Golden Delicious) (Crosby et al. 1993) Introduced as 'GoldRush' (Crosby et al. 1994) U.S. Plant Patent No. 9,392.

Brief Description

  • Fruit: 70 to 76 mm (2-3/4 to 3 in.); ovate to short conic, regular. Skin is green-yellow at harvest, deep Indian yellow to Saffron yellow at maturity. Can develop red blush on sun-exposed cheek. Smooth, non-waxy finish with very conspicuous russetted, round to stellate, scattered lenticels; tender, thin to medium thickness. Flesh is pale yellow; medium coarse grained, very firm, very crisp and breaking. Quite firm at harvest and well suited to commercial handling. Rich, spicy and sprightly acid at harvest, mellowing to moderately acid in storage. Complex, full, very good to excellent flavor which is best after 1 to 2 months of storage. Excellent flavor and exceptional texture retained for at least 7 months in refrigerated storage.

  • Bloom Period: Late.

  • Season of Maturity: October 20 to 30 at Lafayette, Indiana; about 1 week after 'Fuji'.

  • Disease Resistance: Field immune to scab, highly resistant to powdery mildew, susceptible to cedar-apple rust, moderately resistant to fire blight.

  • Tree: Highly desirable growth and bearing habit; moderate vigor, slightly upright, spreading; sturdy wood, semi-spur with very little blind wood; strong central leader, productive.

  • Problems: Non-waxy fruit surface makes it susceptible to shriveling so must be stored under high humidity. Must be thinned to achieve satisfactory size.

  • General Recommendation: A long-term winter storage apple with exceptional tart flavor and crispness after long-term storage. Although somewhat coarse in texture, the crispness, density, and storage quality of the fruit are outstanding. May be too late for short season areas.


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