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(PRI 2463-101 = Rock 41-112 x PRI 841-103) (Korban et al. 1990)

Brief Description

  • Fruit: Variable size 60 to 76 mm. (2-1/4 to 3 in.); round; green yellow to yellow ground color, appearance varies from year to year, performs best under hot, dry conditions (excellent performance in 1988 and 1990 droughts); dull to moderate or bright finish; splashed and striped, mottled with green in some seasons, 80 to 100% dark purple-red; tendency for heavy scarf-skin; medium to coarse grained, cream colored, firm, very crisp and breaking flesh; relatively thin, palatable skin; mildly sub-acid; spicy, full, rich flavor; juicy. Very good quality. Retains flesh texture and quality for six months or more in refrigerated storage. In the 1989 storage season, fruit quality was still very good after eight months in refrigerated storage. Some tendency to drop when ripe. Winter, storage apple with uniform ripening, moderate to heavy cropping, and single harvest. Biennial tendency after heavy cropping. Flavor peaks after one month in refrigerated storage.
  • Bloom Period: Midseason.
  • Season of Maturity: Two weeks after 'Delicious'.
  • Tree: Moderate vigor, spreading, round top.
  • Disease Resistance: Field immune to apple scab; moderately resistant to powdery mildew; moderately susceptible to cedar-apple rust, good resistance to fire blight; susceptible to Botryosphaeria rots in storage.
  • Problems: Unattractive in most seasons; dull. scarfy s1dn promotes dehydration and shriveling in storage; some tendency to drop when ripe; strong biennial habit and variable fruit size indicates thinning is required.
  • General Recommendation: Suggested for testing.
Co-op 31

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