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(PRI 2016-100 = PRI 855-102 x NJ. 31) Introduced as 'Jonafree' (Dayton et al. 1979) U.S. Plant Patent No. 4,633

Brief Description

  • Fruit: 64 to 76 mm (2-1/2 to 3 in.) averaging 70; round, regular; green yellow to pale yellow ground color; washed without stripes, very bright, 75 to 95% medium red; medium grained, light yellow to cream colored, firm, crisp and slightly breaking flesh, slightly tough until full ripe; slightly spicy, moderately acid, and moderately rich in flavor, juicy; very good dessert quality. Less susceptible to powdery mildew, fire blight, and cedar-apple rust than 'Jonathan'. Not prone to bitter-pit or 'Jonathan' spot. Higher percent red color than 'Jonathan'. Flavor similar to 'Jonathan', but less acid. Moderate fruit size. Annual cropping. Quality retention in storage similar to 'Jonathan,' better in some years. Develops flavor breakdown to objectionable aldehyde in some years, after 2 and 1/2 to 3 months of storage.
  • Season of Maturity: With 'Jonathan,' one week before 'Delicious'.
  • Tree: Moderately vigorous and spreading, somewhat upright, leggy branches with a significant basal portion of the branches bare-wooded. Medium sized tree.
  • Disease Resistance: Field immune to apple scab; moderately susceptible to powder mildew; moderately susceptible to cedar-apple rust; moderately susceptible to fire blight.
  • Problems: Susceptibility to cedar-apple rust, mildew, and fire blight are all problems in some areas; somewhat bushy growth habit, with significant lengths of bare wood. Somewhat difficult to train and manage; usually requires two pickings; small fruit size if not properly thinned.
  • General Recommendation: Recommended for commercial use as a disease resistant substitute for 'Jonathan' in areas where this cultivar is grown, as well as small scale and home grower plantings. Produces high quality, 'Jonathan'-type fruit with more red color, less acid, firmer texture, and no 'Jonathan' spot.

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