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(PRI 2259-100 = NJ. 123249 x PRI 1235-100) Introduced as 'Dayton' (Korban et al. 1988) U.S. Plant Patent No. 5,584

Brief Description

  • Fruit: 67 to 76 mm or more (2-1/2 to 3+ in.); slightly oblate to round or short-conic; green to pale yellow ground color; washed, extremely bright and shiny, 75 to 95% medium red; fine grained, pale yellow to cream colored, firm, crisp yet somewhat tender flesh, texture similar to 'Jonathan'; slightly spicy, mildly to moderately acid, and moderately rich in flavor, flavor resembles 'Prima'; juicy; very good dessert quality. Large fruit size. Attractive, "commercial" looking fruit. Retains quality for six weeks or more in refrigerated storage, longer than 'Prima'.
  • Season of Maturity: Four to five weeks before 'Delicious'.
  • Tree: Vigorous, moderately upright, moderately spreading tree. Standard bearing habit. Moderately large sized tree.
  • Disease Resistance: Field immune to apple scab; moderate resistance to powdery mildew; moderate resistance to fire blight; moderately susceptible to cedar-apple rust.
  • Problems: Susceptibility to cedar-apple rust is a problem in some areas. Powdery mildew may warrant control in some seasons. Fruit does not color well inside canopy. Some consider longevity in storage to be inadequate, but it keeps longer than 'Prima'. Prone to bitter-pit under appropriate conditions. Uneven ripening, requiring two pickings. Moderate cropping; unsure about the cropping potential in some areas; we have observed better cropping on deep, loamy, fertile soils.
  • General Recommendation: Suggested for advanced commercial testing, as well as small scale and home grower plantings. Produces relatively high quality, moderately acid fruit, with pronounced color and adequate storage-life for early entry into the fall apple market. Develops more color and less acid than 'Prima', ripening in approximately the same season, a slightly more tender flesh texture and slightly longer storage-life.

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