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(PRI 2174-3 = PRI 764 x PRI 672) (Williams et al. 1975) U.S. Plant Patent No. 4,499

Brief Description

  • Fruit: 70 to 76 mm, or more (2-3/4 to 3+ in.); conic, classic 'Golden Delicious' shape; moderately bright finish; occasionally red blushed 100% self yellow with small yet conspicuous lenticels, very attractive; fine grained, pale yellow colored, firm, very crisp and breaking flesh; mildly sub-acid, slightly spicy, full rich flavor, very juicy. Uniformly shaped, large fruit distributed evenly throughout the canopy. Flesh texture is maintained for 5 months or more in refrigerated storage. Fruit hangs on the tree very well.
  • Season of Maturity: With 'Delicious'.
  • Tree: Moderately vigorous, thin branched and somewhat bushy.
  • Disease Resistance: Field immune to apple scab; highly susceptible to powdery mildew; susceptible to cedar-apple rust; moderately susceptible to fire blight.
  • Problems: Inadequate storage life for season. Even though crisp breaking flesh texture is maintained for more than three months in refrigerated storage, the sugar and flavor in the fruit are converted into starchy, "potato-like" flavor after storage, and develop an extremely greasy cuticle. If harvested only slightly over-ripe, the apple becomes greasy, and "potato-like" after one or two months in storage. Poor growth habit and susceptibility to secondary diseases.
  • General Recommendation: Problems too severe for further consideration. Discarded at Lafayette.
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