PRI Disease Resistant Apple Breeding Program

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(PRI 1325-101 = PRI 10-147 x 'Mollie's Delicious') (Williams et al. 1975) U.S. Plant Patent No. 4,320

Brief Description

  • Fruit: 64 to 76 mm (2-1/2 to 3 in.); long conic; yellow ground color, bright finish; slightly striped, splashed, 75% medium red to slightly orange, attractive; fine grained, pale yellow colored, very firm, crisp and breaking flesh at harvest, softening and becoming mealy after one and one-half months in storage; sweet to mildly sub-acid, bland flavor, moderately juicy. Heavy cropping with slight tendency for biennial bearing. Fruit hangs on the tree until over-ripe. Tendency to soften on the tree when over-ripe.
  • Season of Maturity: Six weeks before 'Delicious'.
  • Tree: Moderately vigorous, moderately spurred, slightly upright branches.
  • Disease Resistance: Field immune to apple scab; highly resistant to powdery mildew; field immune to cedar-apple rust; moderately resistant to fire blight.
  • Problems: Bland, insufficient flavor, slightly astringent and/or bitter flesh; heavily splashed or mottled color pattern; stem end fruit cracking; tendency to overcrop with small fruit size.
  • General Recommendation: Discarded at Lafayette. Brazilian reports indicate low chilling requirement. Suggested for further testing in regions with moderate winter chilling.
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