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Cuphea spp.



We have information from several sources:

Cuphea Plant Nitrate Content and Seed Yield Response to Nitrogen Fertilizer—Marisol Berti, Burton Johnson, Russ Gesch, and Frank Forcella

Breakthroughs Towards the Domestication of Cuphea—Steven J. Knapp

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Rooting Characteristics and Water Requirements of Cuphea—Brenton S. Sharratt and Russell W. Gesch

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Cuphea glutinosa Selections for Flowering Ornamental Ground Cover in Southeast United States—Casimir A. Jaworski and Sharad C. Phatak

Underexploited Temperate Industrial and Fiber Crops—Richard J. Roseberg

Perspective from a Large Industrial Company—Joseph S. Boggs

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