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Cannabis sativa L.


Hemp, Marijuana

We have information from several sources:

Hemp: A New Crop with New Uses for North America—Ernest Small and David Marcus

Hemp: Specialty Crop for the Paper Industry—Anthony Capelle

Agronomic Research on Hemp in Manitoba—Jack Moes, Allen Sturko, and Roman Przybylski

Low-THC Hemp Research in the Black and Brown Soil Zones of Alberta, Canada—S.F. Blade, R.G. Gaudiel, and N. Kerr

New Crop Development in Europe—Louis J.M. van Soest

New Industrial Crops for Europe—Anthony Capelle

Characterization and Processing Research on New Crops for Increased Industrial Applicability of New and Traditional Crops: A European Perspective—Willem M.J. van Gelder, F.P. Cuperus, J.T.P. Derksen, B.G. Muuse, and J.E.G. van Dam

Underexploited Temperate Industrial and Fiber Crops—Richard J. Roseberg

Handbook of Energy Crops—James A. Duke. 1983. unpublished.

Outside links for industrial hemp:

Hemp Report: North America's top web magazine on industrial hemp

Industrial Hemp

Natural Hemphasis charting new directions for Canada's growing hemp community

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