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Amaranthus species


Amaranth, Achis, achita, african spinach, amarante, bledos, bondue, bush greens, choito, coimi, coyo, cuime, green leaf, buautli, Indian spinach, Joseph's-coat, kiwicha, livid amaranth, love-lies-bleeding, millmi, pale-seeded amaranth, pigweed, princess-feather, purple amaranth, quintonil, redroot, spinach-grass, Surinam spinach, wild beet, wild blite

Many species are used including:

NewCROP has Amaranth information at:

Non-Shattering Grain Amaranth Populations—D.M. Brenner

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Amaranthus cruentus, Amaranthus hypochondriacus
Amaranthus caudatus

Vegetable amaranth

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Outside links to more Amaranth info:

Kiwicha can be found in Lost Crops of the Incas from National Academy Press

Amaranth Grain Production in Nebraska

All about Amaranths (Chinese Spinach) from Texas A & M University.

Amaranthus Germplasm Sources:
(2630 total Amaranthus accessions with 721 available accessions)
David Brenner, Curator
North Central Region Plant Introduction Station
Agronomy Department
Iowa State University
Ames Iowa 50011 USA
Tel: 515-294-6786
FAX: 515-294-4880

The Amaranth Institute
c/o Dr. James Lehmann
PO Box 248
Bricelyn, MN 56014 U.S.A.

European Amaranth Association
Professor Ishan Magomedovich Magomedov, President
Saint Petersburg, Russia
fax (7-812) 3497779

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