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Plant Image


The systematic collection of plant iconography would be an invaluable resource to researchers, providing significant information on taxonomy, crop history and evolution, lost traits, and genetic diversity. Plant Image is a searchable database of plant images, focusing on the Cucurbitaceae and Solanaceae. Searches have been made from various sources including art (mosaics, paintings, and sculpture), illustrated manuscripts, and hand illustrated and printed herbals and books. We are concentrating our search on antiquity (Old and New World), medieval, and Renaissance sources but we intend to include more recent images as well. Bibliographic information on primary and secondary sources will be associated with each image and, in the case of herbals, associated text material will eventually be included. We hope to receive images and information from all persons interested in the Cucurbitaceae and Solanaceae, so that the database will be a living, dynamic document.

Field definitions

Species: modern genus species designation
Family: family name
Common name: common name or names
Original label: genus species as listed in source
Original document: where image was first published
Secondary source: used if image was obtained from a later document
Library: library where document was obtained
Library reference: library identification of source document
Time period: time when image was produced
Associated text: is there associated text? Yes/no
Author: author of text of original document
Illustrator: creator of image
Color: yes/no
Comments: additional information
Index: Unique index number

Plant Image



Jules Janick
Harry Paris
Marie Christine Daunay
Anna Whipkey