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Virginia CropMAP

Fruits and Nuts

List of fruits and nuts that are either currently grown traditionally, recommended alternate, experimental, or not recommended in Virginia.

Listing was compiled and written by:
Ross Byers,
Alson H. Smith Agricultural Research and Extension Center,
595 Laurel Grove Road, Winchester, VA 22602.
Phone: 540-869-2560; Fax: 540-869-0862;

Andy Hankins,
Virginia Cooperative Extension,
Box 9081, Virginia State University, Petersburg, VA 23806.
Phone: 804-524-5962; Fax: 804-524-5714;

Herbert Stiles,
Southern Piedmont Agricultural Research and Extension Center,
2375 Darvills Road, Blackstone, VA 23824.
Phone: 434-292-5331; Fax: 434-292-5623;

Not Recommended

Apple Widely grown in northern Virginia.
Blackberry Well adapted, highly profitable.
Black walnut Widely adapted, limited market.
Cherry, sweet At last half the crop will split.
Cherry, tart Well adapted, limited market.
Grape All types (Table, Juice, Wine) are well adapted, heavy disease pressure.
Peach and Nectarine Widely grown, good fruit set 1 in 3 years.
Pear Limited acres in northern Virginia.
Plum, European Usually killed by late frosts.
Plum, Japanese Usually killed by late frost.
Raspberry, Red Red raspberries are well adapted, widely planted, good profits.
Apricot Usually killed by late frost.
Blueberry Widely grown. High bush in mountains, rabbiteye in Tidewater.
Chestnut Widely adapted, limited market
Currant All three types (Red/Black/White) are well adapted to cool, high mountain regions.
Elderberry Native plant. Well adapted, limited use.
Gooseberry Adapted to cool, high mountain regions.
(Actinidia deliciosa)
Adapted only to southeastern Virginia near the ocean.
Hardy kiwifruit
(Actinidia arguta)
Well adapted.
Pear, Asian Well adapted, limited use, limited market.
Persimmon - Native Well adapted, very limited market.
Persimmon - Oriental Has potential.
Quince Well adapted ornamental, fruit not used.
Strawberry Widely grown on plastic mulch.
Pawpaw Widely adapted, limited market.
Not Recommended
Cranberry Virginia is too hot for commercial production