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Colorado CropMAP


Total population (2010 census): 14,843
Total population (1990 census): 7,966
County seat: Hot Sulphur Springs

Extension office

Crop Statistics (2007 US Census of Agriculture)
Field Crops for Grain Farms Acres Yield (bu)
Winter Wheat 4 900 18000
Forages Farms Acres Yield
Total Hay* 111 27129 36052 tons, dry
Alfalfa Hay 12 1724 1860 tons, dry
Small Grain Hay 4 D 198 tons, dry
Tame Hay 71 18226 25465 tons, dry
Wild Hay 32 D 8529 tons dry


Crop Statistics (1997 US Census of Agriculture)
Forages Farms Acres Yield
Total Hay* 101 27439 38156 tons, dry
Alfalfa Hay 13 (D) (D)
Tame Hay 63 20300 27720 tons, dry
Wild Hay 30 5606 8344 tons dry
Nursery and Greenhouse Crops, Cut Christmas Trees Harvested, Mushrooms, and Sod Grown for Sale Farms Sq. ft. under glass or other protection Acres in the open Sales ($1,000)
Nursery and Greenhouse Crops 3 (D) (D) (D)
Nursery, Floriculture, Vegetable and Flower Seed Crops 3 (X) (D) (X)

*Alfalfa, grass silage, green chops etc.
(-) = Represents zero.
(D) = Withheld to avoid disclosing data for individual farms.
(NA) = Not Available.
(X) = Not Applicable.
(Z) = Less than half of the unit shown.

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