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Yautia blanca, Yautia amarilla, Coco, Tarrier, Tanier, Eddo, Taya, Tannia,Cuban dasheen, Malanga

Araceae Xanthosoma spp.

Source: Magness et al. 1971

This is a tropical plant related to Taro, which see, extensivelycultivated in the West Indies and other tropical countries for the edible cormand cormels. On certain varieties the young leaves and main stems (madre) arealso used as pot herbs. The leaves are large, 1 to 2 feet long, broad-arrow inshape, borne on long petioles radiating from the "mother" or large corm. Thetop of the corm may be at or above ground level. In general exposure of thecorm, the Yautia is similar to turnip. Propagation is by planting small cormelsor the cut off top of the "mother" corm with some of the petioles stillremaining. Yautia blanca corm is white-fleshed and Yautia amarilla isyellow-fleshed. Growing Yautias do not require as much soil moisture as doesDasheen, which see. Yautias are sometimes referred to as Alocasia spp.

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