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Walnut, Persian


JuglandaceaeJuglans regia L.

Source: Magness et al. 1971

This species is the principal walnut of commerce. The trees attain heights up to above 50 feet unless restricted by pruning. Leaves are compound, with up to a dozen oblong-ovate, near glabrous leaflets. Fruits are near globular to oblong, with a smooth surface, borne at the terminals of shoots. The husks surrounding the nuts are semi-fleshy and generally dehise at maturity, allowing nut to drop out or to be readily separated. The shell is hard but generally thin, and the kernel separates from it readily.

Season, bloom to maturity: About 5 months.

Production in the U.S.: About 90,000 tons, in shell.

Use: Direct eating, and in confections, and cookery.

Part of plant consumed: Internal kernels only.

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