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Cucurbitaceae Cucumis melo L.

Source: Magness et al. 1971

Muskmelon or melon is a generic name applied to annual plants of the above species, with trailing, vine-like stems, and producing fleshy fruits with interior seed cavities. Other type plants also may have the term melon in the common name. The principal, types, the first four of which are treated separately, are as follows:

C. melo var. retictilatus Naud.: Cantaloupe.
Netted melons, fruits medium, scented, with sutured and netted surface.
var. inodorus Naud.: Winter melon, Casaba, Honey Dew.
Fruit late ripening, little odor, surface smooth.
var. flexuosus (L.) Naud.: Armenian cucumber, Snake melon.
Very long and slender, curved.
var chito Naud.: Mango melon or Lemon cucumber.
Fruit small.
var. dudaim (L.) Naud.:
Fruit small, very fragrant.

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